Porter County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Drug manufacturers are responsible for manufacturing, testing, and packaging their products within the guidelines of the law, as well as accurately presenting any risk factors and adverse reactions associated with their drugs. However, when drugs approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are released into the market, the consequences can be severe.

While these drugs are designed to help fight against disease and illness, many of them carry serious risks. According to the FDA, there are roughly four million annual cases of adverse drug reactions that lead people to seek medical treatment.

A knowledgeable Porter County dangerous drugs lawyer can fight for you after the severe trauma of a dangerous drug. A knowledgeable attorney can help you seek the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

Harmful Effects of Dangerous Drugs

Each year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration receives over one million adverse events and medication error reports associated with the use of drug products. Additionally, roughly four million adverse drug reactions occur on an annual basis, with more than 117,000 of these resulting in hospitalizations.

Adverse drug reactions can happen for a variety of reasons. Whether it is a doctor prescribing the wrong type of medication or a nursing home staff member administering the wrong dosage, the ensuing reaction can cause serious, adverse effects and may even be fatal. Patients may use the medication as intended by the manufacturer but still suffer serious side effects.

When a drug is released, manufacturers are responsible for adequately testing each drug to ensure it is reasonably safe for the consumer. Moreover, these manufacturers must also provide information on clinical testing to the FDA, who then reviews the information and conducts drug trials, if applicable, to determine whether the drug can be sold. For more information, get in touch with a Porter County dangerous drugs lawyer.

Impact of Liability in Porter County

If an individual was harmed by a dangerous drug, Indiana law states that a drug manufacturer. There are a variety of claims that can be pursued by the victim. Strict liability rules state that drug manufacturers are responsible for any unexpected reactions that the patients experience when taking the medication as directed. Rather than focusing on negligence, the primary emphasis point is proving that the drug released was dangerous.

When a drug manufacturer fails to provide warnings about side effects or leaves out important information pertaining to potential risks of taking the medication, there can be dire consequences. Unreasonable carelessness during the testing phase or drug production process can set off a chain of significant health events that may severely impact one’s health and well-being.

A Porter County Dangerous Drugs Attorney Can Be an Ally

Adverse drug reactions can cause devastating consequences for Porter County citizens. The complications caused by defective drugs can be dangerous, expensive to treat, and have the capability to change a person’s life forever. To make matters worse, the effects can force an individual to lose wages due to time off from work, suffer from emotional distress, and cause a significant amount of pain and suffering.

Proving causation may be a difficult task to accomplish on your own. Fortunately, with the assistance of an aggressive Porter County dangerous drugs lawyer, you may be able to hold these negligent manufacturers responsible for their actions. Call today to set up a free consultation