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Birth Injury

Birth injury may involve some kind of brain damage, and it can range from mild to severe depending on the circumstances. Treating brain injury in a newborn is not something as a new mother or father expects to deal with, but time is of the essence in these types of cases, and delayed treatment may mean a lifetime of disability. Treatment options are varied, and they can include invasive surgery or physical therapy, or a combination of both for a short time or the rest of your child’s life.

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Diagnosing Infant Brain Damage

Treating infant brain damage always begins with an initial assessment which usually involves CT and MRI scans to determine the extent of the injuries. Doctors will also administer what’s called the Glasgow Coma Scale test which assesses the conscious state of the individual being tested. A good score is usually any figure under 15, and this is basically a clearance which makes it OK for the child to have a CT scan done.

Surgery for Birth Injuries

With regard to surgery, doctors will consider those with severe head trauma as good candidates for surgical procedures in order to not only save the child’s life, but to also preserve brain function. Surgery, for instance, will clean up any blood in the skull cavity due to a bleeding vessel or fracture, and repair said vessel to stabilize the area.

A craniotomy may be recommended in order to get to the damaged area of the brain. This is a procedure which involves removing a bone flap in order to repair damage. Surgeons will typically cut a small hole in the brain to be able to do this, and they will close it back up with plates and screws.

A craniectomy, on the other hand, is performed on children with catastrophic head trauma. This procedure involves removing a large section of the skull to give the brain some breathing room, so to speak. This is a very controversial and high risk type of surgery, but the consequences of doing nothing may lead to even greater damage due to brain swelling.

Birth Injury – Child Medications

When it comes to medication, your child may be prescribed anti-seizure medications which will help control spasticity as well as seizures. In some cases, diuretics may be needed to reduce any built-up fluids in tissues, with the most common medication in this class being mannitol.

Therapy for Children Born With Birth Injuries

Therapy is vital for children who suffered brain damage at birth. This will help them develop coping skills as well as monitor and improve their cognitive, emotional and physical skills. Not only are sessions with a child psychologist necessary, but your child will also need physical therapy for many years depending on the severity of their injury. Strength training, flexibility workouts, balance and coordination exercises and joint mobilization exercises will all help your child become independent and healthy in both mind and body to face the world.

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