Accidents Caused By Semis Stopped On Our Highways

Semis ply our roads everyday transporting cargo from one location to another. They often experience mechanical difficulties owing to their regular use and are sometimes forced to suddenly stop on the road in order to be fixed. This sudden stopping may put other road users in jeopardy due to these vehicles’ sheer size and can even cause multicar accidents.

Trucking Laws – Safety First

Semi truck companies are required to make sure their vehicles are serviced regularly and that their drivers are up to speed on safety as well as responsible driving. In addition, they are required by bodies such as the FMCSA to hire drivers that have the necessary work permits and that they only let them drive on our roads for a certain amount of hours on a weekly basis. Driver fatigue plays a large role in semi truck accidents because drivers may stop by the roadside to nap, not paying attention to the position of their vehicles in relation to the highway.

According to the law, semi truck drivers must exercise duty of care should they find themselves parked at the side of the road for whatever reason. First, they must place reflective red triangles which can be seen from afar to alert other motorists of a stopped truck. In addition, they should consider placing flares on the sides of the truck on top of removing their vehicles off the road as fast as possible in order to avert any potential accidents.

Don’t Go Up Against Trucking Companies Alone

Semi trucking companies are multimillion dollar behemoths which will do everything in their power to shoot down any claims in order to protect their profits. Many accident victims may be tempted to go up against these companies on their own or ask for a settlement. This is not a good idea as you may find yourself stiffed and taken advantage of, and most likely provided with a payout that won’t be able to cover the repairs that will be needed on your car or pay for your hospital bills if you suffered any injuries. Your best bet at fair compensation lies in getting in touch with an experienceed personal injury law firm so you can have proper legal representation.

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