CTA sudden stop settlement

Many of our clients use public transportation, including the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).  While generally reliable and safe, the CTA generates a large number of injuries, through the negligence of the the CTA or others.  We have handled dozens of cases against the CTA over the years.  A common case results from the CTA bus driver engaging in a sudden stop, or a sudden acceleration.

We recently settled a case for a woman and her child who were riding on a CTA bus when the driver violently applied the brakes, causing a sudden stop.  Our clients were hurled forward, striking the rail in front of them.  The bar of the seat broke our client’s teeth and caused a concussion for the mother.  Both received medical treatment for their injuries.

The CTA originally blamed a “phantom” car which caused the sudden stop by the bus driver.  Of course, the CTA claimed the video from the bus malfunctioned so there was no proof of the driver’s assertions.  As a common carrier, CTA bus drivers owe their passengers the highest duty of care in transporting them from one stop to the next.  A bus driver must be alert for potential hazards as well as other vehicles.

We successfully argued that the driver breached the highest duty of care owed to our clients when he engaged in a sudden stop.  The result:  a significant settlement for our clients.  Many lawyers decline CTA cases, especially when confronted with an initial denial of liability.  Our long history of litigating cases against the CTA results in our ability to consistently get good results for our clients.