Do You Have to Pay Your Medical Bills From a Personal Injury Settlement

Going to the hospital after getting injured isn’t optional – you just have to do it. However, hospital treatment in this country isn’t cheap, and the bills can add up. If you slipped and fell at a business establishment such as Wal-Mart or TJ Max, you may need scans, various referrals, medications to alleviate pain and swelling, surgeries, and in some cases, extended hospital stay. It comes as no surprise therefore that many clients coming to us for legal help ask: do you have to pay your medical bills from a personal injury statement?

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Never Pay Out of Pocket for Treatment

As the victim of any kind of injury, we always ask clients to never pay out of pocket for treatment. This is because this is handled by your personal injury settlement which will come at a later date. In addition, we work to get you the best deal which will mean shopping around for hospitals and treatment centers, as well as negotiate with the hospital on your behalf in order to have the bills reduced so it doesn’t eat into your compensation which you will need for a long time to come should you be able to go back to work soon.

Medical Bills are Special Damages

Medical bills as well as lost wages are what are considered to be “special damages”. These play a pivotal role when the insurance company is in talks with us to decide your total compensation or settlement. If you’re in certain states such as New York and Illinois, you’ll have to adhere with no-fault insurance regulations which will require that you pay for your medical expenses before you settle the case, up to a certain dollar amount.

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