Dog bite settlement reached despite initial denial

Recently, we reached a dog bite settlement in a case which the insurance adjuster originally denied.  It is very common for insurance adjusters to deny liability in dog bite cases, claiming our client” provoked” the dog or was in some way responsible for being attacked.

Fortunately, we know the law and take the matter to court in order to make a recovery for our clients.  McCready Law recently reached a dog bite settlement for the policy limits of $100,000 which the adjuster originally denied.

Our client, a 9-year-old boy, was riding his bike down the sidewalk when he was attacked by a pit bull.  The dog had escaped from a yard and attacked our client.  A neighbor recounted in his deposition, “I grabbed a golf club I keep at the front door and had to club the dog to stop it from attacking the boy.”

In denying the claim, the adjuster claimed our client must have let the dog out of the yard or must have been “teasing” the dog as he rode his bike down the sidewalk.  We filed suit and obtained the policy limits for our client.

This case is yet another example of where McCready Law has refused to let the adjuster dictate the terms of the case and when faced with a denial of liability, the firm has gone to court to obtain a recovery which our client deserves.  To discuss a dog bite or other personal injury case, contact us at 773-779-9885 for a free consultation.