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Grilling is a popular summer pastime that brings friends and family alike together for some fun and food as well as socialization and catching up on what we’ve missed out on in each other’s lives. Outdoor grills are standard with just about every middle class American home, and we expect them to work as indicated as well as be safe for use at all times. However, this isn’t always the case given the statistics of exploding outdoor grills as well as burns from out of control fires which can leave lasting injuries and cost a fortune with regard to hospital bills. Injuries arising out of defective or poorly maintained outdoor grills may be subject to premises liability or personal injury law depending on the circumstances, giving you the opportunity to file a legal claim in order to seek money damages as well as justice for the same, and we’re here to help you with this.

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Here are some of the most common causes of outdoor grill injuries:

  1. Manufacturing defects that should have been caught during assembly
  2. Propane line breaks or leaks
  3. Faulty regulator
  4. Lack of safety instructions or warnings with the product
  5. Poor grill design execution during manufacturing

Outdoor Grill Injuries Can Be Catastrophic

Outdoor grill injuries can be particularly catastrophic due to the presence of a propane tank which can explode and injure multiple people. In addition, severe 3rd degree burns are not uncommon when it comes to these kinds of injuries, as well as the loss of fingers, arms or hands due to the explosive force of the explosion. In addition, should an explosion occur, this could send shrapnel flying in all directions, causing multiple injuries to individuals at the events.

Liability for Outdoor Grill Injuries – Who’s To Blame?

When it comes to who is held accountable for your injuries, it is vital that you work with your attorney to gather sufficient evidence in order to come up with a compelling case that cannot be disregarded by the insurance company. For product defect cases, you can sue the outdoor grill manufacturer if it is discovered that there are manufacturing or design defects, or if they failed you to warn about a defect or known danger when operating their appliance. If you moved into a home with a grill and it was not repaired or maintained on a regular basis, you could sue the property owner.

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