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For a lot of people, the country doesn’t seem to have a burgeoning maritime industry. However, the truth is, the maritime sector remains an important one in most states with large water bodies. The International Port District sees millions of tons of cargo pass through it each year, and thousands are employed in this industry to help facilitate this. In addition, the lake is an important commercial as well as recreational spot for thousands more, making it a great place to enjoy a weekend out in the water on a cruise ship, sailing boat or just fishing during the summer months.

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Here are some of the most common causes of  maritime accidents:

  • Operating a sea vessel while intoxicated
  • Insufficient barge or ship personnel training
  • Lack of worker supervision while on water
  • Collisions due to distracted vessel operation
  • Lack of sea vessel maintenance

Most of the injuries in maritime accidents typically involve:

  1. Slip and fall
  2. Workers lifting heavy items
  3. Getting hit by a moving object
  4. Getting pinned down by a moving object
  5. Going overboard
  6. Pulling unreasonably heavy objects leading to torn ligaments or muscles

The Jones Act and Maritime Injury Lawsuits

The Jones Act, a maritime law, protects your rights as an injured employee, making it possible for you to file an injury claim, naming your employer as a defendant. This Act covers individuals working in drill ships, offshore drilling rigs, barges, cruise ships, research vessels, dredges, chemical ships, floating cranes, cargo ships, just to mention a few. You are automatically covered with regard to daily pay or allowance as well as the cost of seeking medical treatment for the time spent while recovering.  If you believe that negligence led to your injuries, you may file an injury lawsuit which will entitle you to damages covering emotional distress, past and future lost earnings, inability to perform household tasks, diminished enjoyment of life, and so much more.

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