Family sues topless bar in drowning death

On April 6, 2014, Ryan McClelland drowned in the Chicago River after becoming intoxicated at a Chicago topless bar.  His family has sued for wrongful death claiming the bar knew McClelland was visibly intoxicated and posed a danger to himself and others when employees kicked him out of the bar.  There can come a point where someone has had too much to drink to the point of becoming dangerous.

Whether it is drunk driving or, in this case, a deadly mishap, being over-served by a bar creates a danger to society.  The allows people injured or killed by intoxicated people to sue the bar which over served the patron.  In this case, the person who was over served was the person killed.

Bars have a responsibility to ensure the safety of intoxicated patrons when they eject them from the bar.  McCready Law has handled cases against bars which have over served patrons resulting in injury.  To learn more, contact us at 773-779-9885 for more information.