How are Uber Accident Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated?

Non-economic damages after an Uber accident aren’t as well-known as other forms of damages such as lost wages and cost of medical care. This is because the average American isn’t aware that you can file to recover compensation for things that aren’t as concrete such as the psychological pain and emotional suffering you endured as a result of your Uber accident. Pain and suffering can be legally defined as the physical discomfort and emotional distress one feels following an accident that caused one’s injuries. The law thankfully makes it possible for you to receive a dollar amount for these types of invisible injuries as they negatively impact the way you experience life, lowering your quality of life and its enjoyment.

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Thankfully, pain and suffering encompasses a lot of things. It can include inability to sleep fitfully or well, upset stomach, the side-effects associated with medication, trouble digesting or eating, and so much more. Psychical or emotional injuries can encompass things like depression, familial discord, stress, aggression from PTSD and so on.

Some of the common forms of pain and suffering damages include:

  • Long-term pain
  • Impact on your relationships with us
  • Work and home-related anxiety and stress
  • Loss of mobility needed to engage in one’s passions and hobbies

How Do Uber Attorneys Calculate Pain and Suffering Amounts?

Typically, attorneys take the dollar amount for your past and projected future medical bills and multiply this number by three in order to calculate Uber and other car accident pain and suffering damages. If your Uber accident injuries were severe and catastrophic such as in the case of traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury after an Uber accident, this number can rise up to five times. Our Uber accident lawyers will also look at similar cases in the same jurisdiction to find out what the averages are in order to base their pain and suffering damages amount.

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