Injured USPS Workers and City Carrier Assistants – Do I Have a Case?

All postal workers are eligible for compensation under FECA, a piece of legislation passed decades ago that lays out a detailed federal workers’ compensation process for those who qualify.  CCA on the job injuries are more common than most people think, and this is in part due to the burgeoning online shopping scene which will only get bigger in the coming years. As such, USPS workers are pushed to the limit everyday in order to keep with orders and making sure that they meet a certain delivery quota each day. The rush to deliver makes federal workers less careful, putting them at risk of getting injured in a number of ways.

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USPS Worker Injury Statistics

It is estimated that 34,000 injuries are sustained by postal workers each year, who have to deliver mail and packages to more than 130 million locations each year. The job involves a lot of repetitive actions, so injured CCA’s should expect carpal tunnel and shoulder injuries, as well as knee and back injuries from bending over to pick up or drop off packages. In addition, close to 6,000 USPS workers suffer dog attacks and resultant bites across the country each year. Out of these, about 1,200 injuries end up being so serious as to require reconstructive surgery. Slips and falls are yet another form of injury suffered by postal workers who have to work in inclement weather as well as traverse uneven walkways and streets with unseen potholes and obstacles. All these conditions conspire to make postal worker injuries some of the worst in federal government.

Injured Federal Worker Reporting

There are numerous injury reporting forms that you must fill, sometimes within a month of the occurrence of your injury. In addition, you will need to see a doctor who will write up an objective medical report of your injuries as per OWCP guidelines.

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