Insurance Limits for Commercial Trucks in Illinois

If you drive a car, you are likely familiar with the insurance policy limits you are required to purchase for your vehicle. Trucks are also required to have these policies, though they tend to have a much higher minimum threshold. Learn about the insurance limits placed on commercial trucks in Illinois and consult one of our trusted truck accident lawyers if you were hurt due to a negligent trucker or company.

Who is Responsible in a Crash?

To establish liability in a truck accident, you must first determine fault. If the truck driver is at fault, then there will be a liability claim. If they were driving for a company, the company may also be responsible for the actions of the truck driver.

Finally, a trucking company can be independently negligent for hiring unqualified drivers or failing to properly supervise drivers, which lead to an accident. It is important to investigate all possible defendants in order to make a complete recovery in a truck accident case. For situations where a company may be liable for injuries, the State requires a certain minimum amount of insurance coverage for each vehicle.

What Insurance Coverage is Required for Trucking Companies?

Because trucking companies are commercial vehicles, the laws require higher insurance limits for trucks. Under state law for passenger motor vehicles, the minimum insurance requirements are only $25,000. For a commercial truck carrying general freight, the minimum insurance coverage is $750,000.

The higher minimum insurance requirement takes into consideration the seriousness of the injuries which can result when a truck is driven negligently. Even though $750,000 seems like a large sum of money, if a truck fatally injures a family of four in an accident, that amount of money will likely not fully compensate them for their loss. Some trucking companies will have additional layers of insurance, but the minimum requirement is $750,000.

Mandatory Liability Coverage With Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Freight

The minimum insurance policy limit for most trucks is only $750,000, but depending on the materials being transported, it can go even higher. This is true for trucks which transport hazardous materials, where the minimum state coverage as of April 2023 is $5,000,000. It is important to investigate all possible layers of insurance coverage in order to make a full recovery for those injured due to negligence of the trucking industry.

Call Us and See if Illinois’ Insurance Limits for Commercial Trucks Can Factor Into Your Claim

If you were hurt due to a truck collision, a lot of your damages maybe covered under Illinois’ minimum insurance policy. For especially catastrophic accidents, you may need to use additional methods to claim all the damages you are owed. Contact our distinguished personal injury lawyers for more information on the future of your claim.