Is Continuation of Pay Available for USPS Workers – Find Out Here

There are over 600,000 USPS workers that work hard on a daily basis to make sure that all your parcels, letters and packages are delivered to millions of residences on a daily basis. Postal worker jobs are not easy, and they require a lot of stamina and patience as well as the ability to withstand the stress that comes with lifting different types of loads all day. It therefore comes as no surprise that USPS workers suffer multiple injuries during their career with the federal government.

Are you an USPS worker that’s injured who is wanting to apply for Continuation of Pay? This is a program that entitles you to your salary for up to 45 days after your injury which will come in handy when it comes to taking care of your medical bills and the cost of daily living. After the end of these 45 days, you may elect to apply for a schedule award or other forms of federal workers’ compensation, a process we’d love to help you with. For your 100% FREE consultation, please give us a call NOW at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. McCready Law, over 70 years of legal representation to clients across the country.

Continuation of Pay for USPS Workers – How It Works

FECA, an OWCP law, allows you to apply for continuation of your regular pay when you’re injured and cannot go back to work due to said injury which has resulted in disability. This is known as Continuation of Pay, and it is subject to payroll deductions and taxes. It is also important to know that postal workers may not be eligible for COP for the first THREE days of their temporary disability, meaning that using sick or annual leave during these 3 days may be a wise decision. That being said, if your disability lasts more than 2 weeks or you go on to develop permanent disability, you may have your leave days back.

How Continuation of Pay Days are Counted

One important thing to note when it comes to Continuation of Pay for injured postal workers and other federal workers is that COP days are tracked in calendar days; this means that any holidays, days off and weekends are all counted towards COP. Hourly tracking is not available for COP, so if you were injured and had to go home, the hours you were at work are counted as ONE calendar day.

Applying for Continuation of Pay as an Injured Federal Worker

In order to get started on COP, you must fill in a CA-1 form which informs OWCP of your traumatic injury and authorizes you to claim for Continuation of Pay. There are stringent time limits when it comes to applying for Continuation of Pay, so make sure you fill in the form within 30 days of your injury or being reasonably made aware of your injury.

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