Reasons Why an Attorney Won’t Take Your Chicago Injury Claim

Personal injury lawsuits are complex, and no two circumstances are the same. That being said, almost everyone will have to contend with astronomical medical bills, as well as take time off work to heal leading to lost wages. This event can completely change the trajectory of your life. Making it next to impossible to get back to the life you were familiar with.

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Just because you have a personal injury claim on your hands doesn’t mean that you are eligible for legal help, let alone compensation. One of the first reasons why a Chicago personal injury lawyer won’t take on your case is immunity. This is particularly applicable if the individual or institution you are looking to receive compensation from works for the government, or are looking to sue the county government as an entity in cases that involve, for instance, broken guard rails or non-functional traffic lights which led to your Illinois car accident lawsuit.

Questionable Circumstances

The second reason why your lawyer won’t take on your case is due to questionable circumstances. You may feel that you sustained substantial injuries to make your case have merit, but the law may not see it this way. For an Illinois injury lawyer to take on your case, the injuries must be reasonably extensive, precipitating a substantial payout with regard to compensation to make it worth the Chicago injury law firm’s time. Questionable circumstances could also be due to, for example, you contributing to the negligence which thereby caused your accident – a good example here would be running in heels on floors that you knew or should have reasonably known were wet or under construction or repair, or you talking on the phone or using a device such as the car radio at the time that your accident occurred.

Clients Shopping Around

It is also common for injured individuals to shop around in order to get the best or highest compensation for their injuries. An attorney will ask you questions to determine if you did this prior to coming to their firm, or are planning to do so in the next day or week. They may not voice it, but they will see you as a potentially problematic client that they would rather not represent.

Personal Discretion

Lastly, injury lawyers in Illinois reserve the right to turn down potential Illinois personal injury claims at their discretion. This could be due to having a high case load, not having the resources, not having a specialized skill set or expertise to handle your claim, or the client not being within the same state.

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