Signs Of An Aggressive Dog – Dog Bite Lawsuits Guide

Animal behavioralists have studied canine behavior over the last couple of hundred years and determined that dogs have certain predictable behaviors which may point to aggression. Dogs, after all, are intelligent animals whose behavior can be affected by the environment, other dogs, as well as humans. It is important to know signs of dog aggression so you are able to better protect yourself by anticipating and avoiding this kind of behavior in good time.

If you’re passing by a friend’s house or are in a part of a neighborhood you’re not familiar with, you may come across a dog that’s been let loose by its owners. To begin with, dog owners should keep their dog properly leashed or at least within their compound so that it doesn’t pose a danger to innocent pedestrians. Not doing so constitutes negligence, and can be part of your defense argument should you get injured.

Here are a few signs which may point to a dog getting ready to bite:

  • The dog may stand with its feet apart, and chest held high. This is instinctual behavior to make themselves look bigger than they really are and an invitation to a brawl. If you see this, calmly walk away.
  • A dog getting ready to attack will hold your gaze and not break eye contact. This is confrontational behavior and almost a way of it goading you to make a move.
  • A dog’s lip curled upward and teeth exposed is a clear sign that a dog is getting ready to bite.
  • Quiet and low rumbling sounds will precede aggressive barks and get followed up by a series of bites. Stay away.
  • Sometimes, a dog’s hair may stand on end, much like a cat’s when it’s scared. This usually happens to short-haired dogs and not all canines. This could be a clear sign of an imminent attack.
  • A wagging tail that’s held up high in a rigid manner doesn’t signify happiness; do not approach. This is another good sign that the dog is getting ready to bite or attack.
  • Fearful dogs tend to have unpredictable dispositions. A dog whose ears are pinned flat against its head is nervous and can bite as a way of protecting itself. In addition, look for a tail tucked between its legs and eyes darting back and forth and don’t assume that it’s harmless just because it displays fear.

 Dog Bites – Get Legal Help Today!

Should the dog go ahead and attack, you can help yourself by taking something substantial such as your phone, a bag or twig and direct it to the dog’s mouth. This will help divert the dog’s bites and buy you time until help arrives. Dog bites can turn deadly since you may get a nasty infection, lose a finger, ear or suffer internal injuries. In addition, you may suffer emotional trauma which may need long-term counseling. If you’ve bitten by a dog anywhere in the country, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Please call our top dog bite lawyer today on 877-561-3004 for more information. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.