Teenager injured in tractor trailer crash

McCready Law has been retained by the family of a teenager injured in a crash with a semi tractor trailer truck on the Dan Ryan expressway.  Our client was merging onto the highway from an exit when a truck struck her car from behind.  Our client’s car spun out of control, striking the concrete barrier before being struck by another truck.

An ambulance rushed our client to Christ Hospital trauma center where she remained for two weeks.  She suffered neurological injuries and has been transferred to a rehabilitation center.  The family originally called a lawyer who advertizes on billboards (hint:  his name rhymes with Ben Turner), but the law firm never bothered to visit the daughter in the hospital.  Our firm was recommended by a former client and the family contacted us.

We immediately undertook an investigation, including obtaining a favorable witness statement by a retired City of Chicago worker.  Additionally, our legal research revealed a traffic law which favors our client.  In any semi tractor trailer truck crash, it is important to direct the trucking company to preserve evidence.  The other law firm had not done so, but we made sure crucial evidence was preserved.

While our client has a long road to recovery, her and her family can rest easier that their case is in the hands of McCready Law.  It takes special expertise when handling tractor trailer truck crashes and our firm has been handling these cases for over twenty years.  We always appreciate referrals from past and current clients.