Who Is Responsible for Road Debris Damage? Find Out Here

Two cars colliding is the most likely image conjured in the minds of people when someone mentions a car accident. However, there’s a different kind of car accident which is just as dangerous which is typically caused by road debris. A car traveling at 60 miles per hour, upon hitting debris on the wall can find itself spinning out of control or the victim of projectiles that can puncture wheels, shatter windscreens and so much more. Should an accident with road debris happen, who’s really at fault, and who should be held legally accountable?

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According to statistics by AAA, thousands of accidents and hundreds of deaths are due to road debris and road damage, two things that can be mitigated by a reasonably diligent party, making these accidents and deaths completely preventable and unacceptable.

Some of the most common debris found on our roads include:

  • Pieces of furniture
  • Car parts that fall off vehicles that have been poorly maintained
  • Car decorations
  • Mattresses
  • Christmas trees
  • Loose cargo that falls off vehicles due to being loosely secured

Who’s Responsible for My Road Debris Damage Accident?

It may be possible, with the help of your road debris accident lawsuit attorney to determine who was responsible for the debris on the road which caused by your accident. We can do this by subpoenaing the local government for access to traffic camera records in order to determine this, and once we ascertain the identity of the driver or individual, go to work at filing a claim with their insurance company.

In addition, if the debris was caused by government contracted company to repair roads, it may be possible to file a claim against the state of municipal government citing a duty of care towards you the road user which was breached thereby leading to your injuries, and necessitating compensation.

What to Do After a Road Debris Accident

After your road debris accident, it is important to move fast: the first thing you want to do is file a police accident report to determine the cause of the accident. In addition, the police may help to find the perpetrator who will then write a report which will play a pivotal role in attributing fault in a personal injury accident lawsuit.

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