Will A Pre-Existing Condition Limit Your Claim? Best Injury Lawyers

As a personal injury victim, you are entitled to compensation for any damages deemed applicable as indicate by law. This will include the aggravation of a previous or pre-existing injury. That being said, proving these damages may be challenging as insurance companies around the country have become experts at diminishing pain and suffering in order to maintain or boost their bottom line. This is perhaps all the more reason why you need experienced, results-driven and aggressive injury lawyers on your side to secure your compensation in the face of hard-nosed negotiations with insurance companies.

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Pre-Existing Conditions and Injury Law

The law clearly states that you are rightfully owed compensation regardless of your pre-existing condition. However, at the same time, it states that an individual is only responsible for compensating a plaintiff for injuries that they, as the defendant, directly caused. This creates a legal grey area because while they are not going to be off the hook for your injuries with regard to compensation, they are only liable for injuries that they played a part in.

Here’s How To Secure Compensation For These Claims

In order for the jury to find in your favor and direct that the defendant pay the damages, there needs to be sufficient and compelling evidence that leaves no doubt that you are indeed experiencing an exacerbation of your pre-existing injuries. We as your best injury law firm will show that you are currently worse off than you were before the injury event. This can be in the form of having an expert witness give their objective opinion on the extent of your injuries, the state of your pre-existing condition and how the former worsened the latter.

Why Experts are Vital in an Injury Lawsuit

Experts usually include doctors, physical therapists, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and the like who have experience with your condition and its prognosis, and how an injury can affect it going forward. In some cases, a doctor may testify that your injury is now permanent as a result of your injury event, complicating your life and making it necessary for you to seek extensive surgery, go on pain medications and maybe even endure years of physical therapy.

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The law asks that the defendants in injury cases take victims as they are. Therefore, a prior injury or illness will not limit or preclude liability. That being said, insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to show that your injuries were actually due to your pre-existing condition. This is why you need an aggressive injury firm by your side. Please give us a call NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to speak with an experienced attorney for free regardless of the extent of your prior injury or condition. We look forward to hearing from you.