Denise McCready was born in Chicago and moved to Indiana with her family when she was in high school. She studied business management in college, met Mike McCready (managing partner at McCready, Garcia & Leet) on a blind date, and moved back to Chicago to be with him. The result was atypical of blind dates. The now-married couple is famous, and for an unusual reason. Their 2002 wedding was featured on the TLC’s TV show, “A Wedding Story.” If you ask Denise, she may just be able to dig up the DVD for you.

Denise’s life has been a happy whirlwind ever since. She is very busy at work where she is responsible for keeping the office running like a well-oiled machine. This suits her perfectly because she does not like mess or disorganization, and because she likes being what she refers to as “the office pit bull – but a well-trained one.” Denise does say this with a smile in her voice.

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It is “after hours,” however, when Denise’s attention to detail and ability to stay calm, cool and collected really come to the fore. As she steps through her front door she is greeted by six children (aged 3-to-11) who are all eager for her loving attention. Getting each and every one of them everything they need certainly keeps Denise hopping. Her favorite child activities include taking her youngest son out for pop – he gets his she gets hers – and shopping with her oldest daughter.

Yet, Denise does find time to have adult fun. Her guilty pleasures include reading People magazine, shopping (“What woman doesn’t love to shop? says Denise) and going to concerts with her girlfriends (no men allowed). Pink and the Mexican group Mana are her favorite musical groups. She also sneaks in a bit of TV from time to time, tuning into The Rachel Maddow Show and Chicago Fire whenever she gets free moment or two.

Ever on the lookout for ways to learn and improve, Denise (in her spare time) recently went go back to school, “to see if my brain was still working after being out of college for so long.” Indeed it does, as Denise has now completed her EMT training through Christ Hospital. Denise, however, is most proud that all her children were in attendance at the graduation ceremony.

As for the future, Denise McCready loves to travel. She has been to the Czech Republic, the French Riviera, London, Mexico, Paris, Poland, and Slovakia. She would like to go back to Slovakia because she has family there, and to London because of its atmosphere. She loves the architecture, the vibe and the culture there.

For now, though, Denise is happy to raise her children and continue her work. She enjoys the quick pace of her life, doing what is right and lending a helping hand before whenever she can.

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