You never know what you’re going to get with Ray. He’s quite the joker and keeps us all on our toes. So, while he may try to convince you that he swam the English Channel in record time or ran last year’s Chicago Marathon backwards, his real-life accomplishments are just as impressive.

Although an elementary school vocational test told Ray he was destined to be a lawyer, he actually didn’t start his law career until a little later in life. He has an undergraduate degree in business

and worked full time as a corporate buyer, but wasn’t feeling fulfilled by his work. So, when he was 35, he woke up one day and though “Hey, it’s now or never.” Fast forward a few months and he

was still working full time during the week, but leaving for law school at 5AM on Saturday, attending classes for two day straight, and then driving home late Sunday night. He did this for three full years, but all his sacrifices paid off because he got his degree!

During his time in school, he interned for a firm in but knew he didn’t want to spend his career protecting the interests of big insurance companies, so after about two years there, it was time to move on. He eventually found a small personal injury firm in Michigan that he enjoyed, he relocated and settled into work.

Somewhere along the way, he met the girl of his dreams, but she lived near Chicago, so he knew it was time to move again. That’s when he found us! We are thrilled to be working with Ray, and thankfully the feeling is mutual. He insists that he wants to stay with the firm until he retires.

Around the office, Ray handles a lot of the pre-litigation logistics for our clients. He coordinates their care with their doctors, builds cases with the adjusters, and negotiates settlements. He puts in well over 40 hours a week to make sure that our clients receive every bit of the compensation that they deserve. You are in great hands with Ray!

When he’s not working, Ray likes to spend time outdoors. He hunts and fishes when he has the time, and has even backpacked the Grand Canyon and throughout Hawaii. His adventurous spirit

led him to obtain his skydiving certification – a feat that required him to jump out of a perfectly good plane 25 times in one summer. He also enjoys paragliding, craft beers, music festivals, and even collecting cigars! He discovered them on a McCready, Garcia, and Leet boat trip and enjoys reading about their complex history and manufacturing methods.

Ray and his girlfriend have two dogs: a golden retriever named Bruschetta and a black lab called Angus, both dogs are former “foster dogs” that were adopted after they were only supposed to stay for a short while. The couple also often hosts other foster dogs until they can find a forever home. They have bred Bruschetta (who is a proud mom of 35) and keep in touch with all of her puppies.

Ray definitely likes to joke around; anyone who knows him shouldn’t be surprised that he is actually a trained stand up comedian. He has performed at showcases in Milwaukee, local clubs, and as soon as he passes the Bar, courtrooms near you!

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