3 People Are Seriously Injured after 3 Different Hit and Run Accidents

When October 1, 2013 came to an end, police reported three people were injured on three different hit and run accidents in Chicago.

The first accident took place at 2:00am on the 5500 block of West North Ave.  The victims identity was not released.  However, they listed the victim in critical condition once arriving at the hospital.

The second victim was a male in his 30’s who was hit while in a crosswalk around the 5100 block on Fullerton.  He was hit by a red Grand Prix.  He was taken to the hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

The last hit and run of the day took place at 7:30pm when a 17 year-old girl was hit by a black pickup truck while crossing a crosswalk at Logan Square.  The victim was taken to the Hospital.

I understand that mistakes happen when driving in highly populated areas but not stopping to provide immediate help makes the violation greater then just a crime.