A Detailed Guide on CA-1 Form Instructions To Help You Qualify for Compensation

From the moment a federal worker suffers an injury or is incapacitated due to an occupational illness, they must get started on filling vital forms which will make it possible for them to receive compensation. One such form is the form CA-1, or the Federal Employees’ Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay or Compensation. The CA-1 form, after your medical report, is perhaps one of the most important forms you will fill and have sent over to OWCP so your fate can be decided by reviewers.

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Form CA-1 is basically you giving notice to OWCP and your supervisor regarding the fact that you’ve sustained a traumatic injury and would like to get started with the compensation process. Form CA-1 contains 15 items that you must complete or have a representative do so if you’ve suffered an injury or illness so severe that you cannot do it on your own. In case your injuries require urgent emergency care, you may complete CA-1 after receiving said care.

How Long Do You Have To Fill Out a CA-1?

Form CA-1 is made of two parts: one, which you fill in, and the other, which your supervisor completes. This form must be handed over to your supervisor to be sent over to the OWCP offices within 30 calendar days from the injury date. However, you may be within the statutory time limits if you for any reason were unable to do so and file within 3 years of the occurrence of the injury. In addition, your employer or supervisor must send over the form they receive from you to OWCP within 10 days of their receiving it.

CA-1 Form Instructions

Form CA-1 must be complete in a detailed manner; that is, you are expected to describe how you sustained your injuries, what you were doing and so on, or how you fell sick. You are also required to input the date, or, if you gradually became sick, indicate the time period. OWCP stresses that this form include the injury as well as all body parts affected because not doing so may lock you out of compensation for unmentioned body parts (this is why it’s so important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced OWCP injured federal worker attorney who has helped workers fill these forms hundreds of times by going over the injury event with them). If accepted, you have the choice of either Continuation of Pay which is taxable and eligible for payroll deductions, or take annual or sick leave which is also eligible for taxation and other deductions.

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There’s so much we haven’t talked about regarding form CA-1 instructions in this form because of the simple fact that no two cases are identical. If you’d like a step-by-step guide regarding how to go about completing these and many other compensation forms for federal workers’ compensation, call us to receive FREE legal help. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.