Accidents Involving Running A Red Light

It is estimated that over 150,000 drivers and pedestrians are injured in accidents on intersections due to drivers running red lights each year. At the same time, well over 7,000 people die due to these types of vehicular accidents around the country, most of which are unnecessary and preventable. Drivers running a red light in Indiana is an all-too-common sight caused by individuals who think their time is more precious than other people’s time, or those that think they won’t get caught. In addition, 40 % of drivers admit to have run a red light once in a while, a number which may be higher in actuality.

Red light accidents in Indiana tend to result in severe injuries on account of the high speeds cars may be traveling at while traversing these intersections.

Here are some red light accident facts you should know about:

  • Memorial Day weekend has historically had the highest number of red-light violations
  • Most of these incidents happen between 1 and 5pm.
  • Friday features the highest number of red-light violations.

For stress-free driving, choose Sundays as this is the day that has the least number of red-light violations. Out of the hundreds of thousands of individuals that are injured when red-light violations occur, 50 percent are law-abiding citizens who never ran the red light.

Red Light Accident Lawsuits in Northwest Indiana

Drivers who engage in distracted driving or break the law by not abiding to road rules should be held accountable should they cause an injury or a fatality. You are able to file an Indiana traffic violation lawsuit to recover compensation for damages such as medical bills, emotional distress and pain and suffering.