AFFF Firefighting Foam and Cancer – Were You Exposed?

In the 1950s, various research centers developed a compound that could stop flames from spreading by starving it of oxygen. This product was called AFFF, or aqueous film forming foam, and it was soon adopted by various institutions such as the military and the U.S. Firefighters association. Prior to this, firefighters used high pressure water which didn’t do a great job as the presence of oxygen in the air meant that a fire would continue unabated until it ran out of oxygen. This scientific discovery was a major boon and quite possibly saved thousands of lives over the years. However, it was later revealed that AFFF contained compounds that do not only resist biodegradation, but were toxic to human bodies and cells, capable of causing various aggressive cancers.

Are you a firefighter or military worker that was exposed to firefighting foam during the course of your employment, and then went on to develop leukemia, pancreatic cancer, bladder or kidney cancer, liver, prostate or testicular cancer? If so, you may be able to recover substantial consultation by filing a firefighting foam class action lawsuit with us and our network of attorneys. You can recover cost of medical care, past and future, lost wages, pain and suffering and so much more provided you file your firefighting foam legal claim in a timely manner. Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. Remember, the call is 100% FREE, and there’s absolutely no legal obligation to have us take on your case if you aren’t satisfied with the initial consultation.

Does AFFF Cause Cancer?

The problem with aqueous film forming foam is that it contains something called PFAS chemicals. These are per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, man-made compounds that have such strong carbon bonds that they resist breakdown for decades. PFAS are also found in things like paints, nonstick pans, cleaning products and waterproofing sprays. PFAS, due to their ability to linger for decades, find their way into the human body and then go on to cause cellular changes due to their carcinogenic nature. This, in the end, shows up as aggressive cancers many years down the line.

Is AFFF Toxic?

AFFF toxicity has been disputed for a long time. The reality however is that the companies that were manufacturing AFFF knew about the toxicity as well as the cancer-causing properties of this compound for decades, yet they failed to inform their clients, thereby putting them at risk for various health effects including cancer. According to product liability law, this falls under negligence which is compensable by way of money damages.

The following workers may have been exposed to toxic firefighting foam:

  • Airport firefighters
  • Military firefighters
  • Voluntary and commercial firefighters
  • Anyone who lives near an airport, military base or fire department

AFFF Foam Class Action Lawsuit – Call Us Today!

Firefighting foam causes cancer due to the “ Forever Chemicals” they contain that accumulate in the body as carcinogens. Over time, these carcinogens cause cellular changes that may contribute to the development of various cancers. If you were exposed to firefighting foam or lived near military installations or a fire department and then went on to develop cancer, we’d like to empathize with you and ask you to reach out to us at (773) 825-3605 to receive your FREE legal consultation regarding the next legal steps to take to recover compensation and seek justice. We look forward to hearing from you.