Aggressive Driving – Can I Sue If I Was The Victim of an Accident?

Aggressive driving is an endemic issue in all states, and it is becoming more serious with each passing year owing to the increasing amount of work and life-related stress that almost every American encounters on a day-to-day basis. While most of us can keep our cool in relatively stressful situations, there are a number that are ready to disregard the rules and engage in antisocial behavior on our roads at the drop of a hat.

The NHTSA credits aggressive driving as the cause of over 50 percent of all accidents on our roads today. This piece of worrying statistic can drive up insurance premiums for all of us, make driving a risky affair and even impact the quality of your life.

Just what is aggressive driving? Here are some good examples:

  • Honking at other drivers in traffic for minutes on end
  • Cutting people off in traffic
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Tailgating
  • Making illegal U-turns
  • Flipping the bird at other drivers
  • Cursing at other drivers
  • Overspeeding and attempting to edge other drivers off the road
  • Running red lights

All these situations can cause a great deal of distress to drivers forced to share road real estate with the aggressive driver. A lot of times, we are tempted to retaliate in order to get even and release the stress, anger and tension we may be feeling towards the other driver. This is not a good idea for a number of reasons. First, the aggressive driver may escalate issues and engage you in a physical altercation. Second, they may cause a multi-car accident due to poor judgment, or worse, they may even run you off the road. On top of that, they may be carrying a firearm that they may use in the heat of the moment.

What You Should Do in Aggressive Driving Situations

When confronted with these individuals, stay calm and avoid eye contact. A raging driver may interpret sustained eye contact as an invitation to a fight. Call the cops as soon as possible, and do not engage with them since saying anything, especially in the presence of witnesses may place some of the blame on you, making it hard to seek legal redress should you want to do so.

Should reckless driving cause you bodily harm, the guilty driver is considered by the law to having committed a class 4 felony. In addition, they may be charged under personal injury civil law and ordered by the court to pay money damages in order to have any repairs done on your car as well as compensate you for things like legal fees, hospital bills, pain and suffering in the present and future.

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