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According to the law, lawsuits proceed with the commencement of discovery which lets both parties glean information about the case before filing a claim. Discovery starts off with the plaintiff’s attorneys filing a formal request to have the other party furnish documentation within 28 days so they can pore over them and determine the facts surrounding the injury case.

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Step 1 – Discovery

The first step involved in discovery is the request the production of documents. These documents will give a somewhat objective picture of what happened by revealing and clarifying information that wasn’t clear or known from the get-go. Discovery may make or break your case, so it is important that you take the time via your injury attorney to collate all information as well as evidence to build a compelling case which can stand up to intense scrutiny. Facts in the form of numbers, dates, photographic evidence, and witness testimonies will all form part of discovery documentation, so make sure to work closely with your best injury lawyer to provide any information you think may be pivotal to the success of your case.

Why Discovery in an Injury Case Is Important

Discovery will help your legal team find out what you agree and disagree on in order to define which areas need to be fleshed out as well as ironed out going forward. Discovery also helps you stay focused so there are no factual inaccuracies which may delay the progress of your case as well as come to a common understanding on key issues surrounding the suit.

Discovery will also help put a name on individuals who will testify at trial as well as the key witnesses and their roles in the same. The law makes it mandatory for each side to provide the courts with information on who will be called at trial, and attorneys will be responsible for producing these individuals once the process of discovery is over and trial commences.

Discovery and Insurance

Lastly, but certainly not least, discovery also involves revealing insurance coverage that is available in order to determine the limits and extent of coverage available. This is because more often than not, insurance providers settle a case by making a payment once the judge has passed his or her verdict.

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