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Breast implants are no longer a taboo subject, and ore women are willing to go for breast augmentation surgery after life-changes such as having children and breast-feeding, undergoing mastectomy on account of cancer, or to just boost one’s self-esteem due to being born with anatomically smaller breasts. Breast implants vary in type and size, and saline or silicone are the most common types, with each type affording the woman having them various benefits. It was once thought that breast implants were safe due to the inert nature of the compounds used in their manufacturing: however, over the years, more and more women with breast implants have been diagnosed with serious conditions such as B-Cell lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer that attacks immune system cells. It is important to understand that cancer isn’t just happenstance or a due to a chance occurrence or bad luck- more often than not, foreign agents cause cellular changes which over time lead to cancer. Even when breast implants have inert compounds, a certain design decision may cause these implants to cause massive irritation and tissue inflammation, setting the stage for the development of various autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Were you a recipient of the textured Allergan breast implants? It has now been shown that the finely textured surface of these implants that were created in order to stop the implants from moving or shirting are the proximate cause of the cancer that many women with this type of implant have been diagnosed with. If you received Allergan textured implants and then went on to develop B-Cell lymphoma, we’d like to hear from you. It is alleged that the makers of this breast implant knew about the tissue-irritating quality of Allergan implants but failed to make needed changes, and that because of their negligence, thousands of women with their implants developed B-Cell lymphoma.

The experienced Allergan lawsuit attorneys at McCready Law have over 90 YEARS of combined experience helping people just like you get the justice and compensation they deserve. We currently handle all manner of mass tort claims, and we’re not afraid to litigate any and all claims. What makes our Allergan lawyers different is our commitment to the client whereby we constantly update the client on the progress of the case, and we are freely available to chat with you as your case progresses. Allergan breast implant lawsuits are still in the early stages, but waiting may see you locked out of compensation: please call us NOW at (773) 673-9861 to learn more about how you can file an Allergan cancer lawsuit with us.

Allergan breast implants were textured implants which were designed for the purpose of breast enhancement or augmentation. The micro pores found on the surface of the implant were meant to allow tissue to grow into them, thereby reducing the chance that the implant would rotate or migrate during certain activities.

Breast Implant Illness Statistics

The FDA reversed its decision banning the use of silicone implants in 2006 after massive pressure from manufacturers such as Mentor and Allergan, even when there were saline implants in the market that were safer and less reactive, posing less of a threat to women that opted to have them implanted into them.

The fact of the matter, however, is that silicone implants were more prone to leaks and ruptures and, those with textured surfaces were shown to more likely cause autoimmune diseases such as BIA-ALCL, or breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. These issues formed the crux regarding the FDA’s decision to ban silicone implants, but industry pressure, as mentioned earlier, led to them reversing their earlier decision. So devious were the actions of breast implant manufacturers that unearthed documents showed these manufacturers colluding to hide evidence of the harmful nature of their implants form the FDA.

Allergan Breast Implant Illness – What Is It?

BIA-ALCL is a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or cancer of the immune system which is different from breast cancer.  The abnormal cells that herald this cancer are typically found in fluid as well as scar tissue that forms or collects around the implant. BIA-ALCL is a localized form of cancer, but it is not uncommon for the same to metastasize and infiltrate all major body organs, thereby causing death within a very short amount of time. BIA-ALCL may be treated once the offending implant is removed as well as the surrounding scar tissue found at the implantation site. In some instances, if the B-Cell lymphoma has spread, radiation and chemotherapy may be needed.

Allergan Implants Compensation

At McCready Law, we urge you not to engage with Allergan should they contact you. While the company is offering to replace their breast implants, it would only do this if you acquiesced or agreed to sign a release in order to get the surgery. This is a BIG MISTAKE because doing so will lock you out of litigation at a future date, especially if you developed lymphoma due to Allergan implants. It is therefore vital that you speak with an Allergan lawsuit lawyer in order to safeguard your rights as well as make it possible for you to recover a substantial amount of legal compensation for your Allergan cancer event in the future.

Can I Sue Allergan Implants? YES, And We Can Help!

Allergan lawsuits are governed by something called the statute of limitations. That is to say, you have a small time window within which you are able to file a lawsuit in order to recover compensation, and the timer starts ticking on the day you discovered or should have known about the injuries caused by your Allergan lawsuit. Even as you consider filing your Allergan B-Cell lymphoma lawsuit, don’t wait: seek medical care as this will not only help you recover, but it will strengthen your case and add to its validity.

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If you were injured by Allergan and developed B-Cell lymphoma due to these breast implants, we’d love to hear from you: call us NOW at (773) 673-9861 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. Cases are consolidated into multi-district litigation, but Allergan cancer lawsuits will all be settled individually at different courts. Wherever you are in the country, we can help: call us NOW at (773) 673-9861 to speak with an Allergan implants attorney. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.