Alsip Personal Injury Lawyers

The Alsip Personal Injury Lawyers of McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C have represented the citizens of Alsip and the surrounding south suburbs since 2000.  We have longstanding ties to the Alsip community.

Personal injury cases will arise unexpectedly in so many different ways, you can never prepare for how or when one may occur to you or someone you know.  Common personal injury cases in Alsip include car accidents, slip and fall injuries, and premises liability. If the negligence of someone or something else ever causes you injury, it is possible a personal injury claim can be made on your behalf.

Negligence occurs when an individual or an organization “fails to act with the appropriate reasonable care.” Illinois state law requires everyone to act with this sense of “reasonable care.” If negligence can be proven in your personal injury case, we may be able to recover damages on your behalf.

The Alsip Personal Injury Lawyers of McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C. will assist you in building your case, assessing damages and settlements due to you and proving the offending party is guilty of negligence resulting in your pain, suffering and loss.

Practice Areas:

  • Auto Car Accident Lawyer Alsip
  • Truck Accident Lawyer Alsip
  • Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Alsip
  • Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Alsip
  • Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Alsip
  • Premises Liability Lawyer Alsip
  • Wrongful Death Lawyer Alsip
  • Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Alsip
  • Construction Accident Lawyer Alsip
  • Nursing Home Case Lawyer Alsip
  • Brain Injury Lawyer Alsip
  • Product Liability Lawyer Alsip
  • Dog Bite Lawyer Alsip
  • Bus CTA Accident Lawyer Alsip
  • Railroad/FELA Accident Lawyer Alsip


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