An Expert Witness May Guarantee a Win In Your Injury Case

A successful personal injury claim is more often than not predicated on evidence. Part of this evidence lies in having an impartial party known as an expert witness to state the facts around your case and back up anything in your claim with sound scientific or engineering or medical facts. An expert witness, by all intents and purposes, can help you win your personal injury lawsuit simply by virtue of the fact that the testimony given out by these individuals can hold up in a court of law, and it is what a potential judge wants, and what insurance companies are deathly afraid of.

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An expert witness is typically a professional in their field that has gone through years of formal education. A medical doctor, an engineer, a forensic scientist, a psychiatrist, can all be considered as expert witnesses. They usually have decades of experience which makes them expert when it comes to your particular injury, which makes them great witnesses during a deposition or a trial.

Expert witnesses must display the following:

  • They must have an in-depth understanding of their subject matter as it relates to you. This can be demonstrated via skill or experience
  • They must also be actively practicing in their profession
  • They must be able to take technical information and present it to the judge and jury in an easy-to-understand manner

Some of the benefits of having an expert witness testifying include:

  1. Determining negligence based off the facts and showing this in a logical manner
  2. Providing impartial testimony not clouded by external motivation factors
  3. Bring clarity to a case which can make it easy for a judge or jury to make their decisions

It is important to understand that expert witnesses do not provide an opinion like lay people, but state the facts as they are, and coupled with their experience and skill, deconstruct an injury or accident to show how a certain event came to pass.

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Expert witnesses willing to testify are not easy to come by. These individuals tend to have busy diaries and would be hard pressed to testify at most personal injury lawsuit hearings. However, working with our best injury law firm will give you access to these individuals which will in the end make it easy to prove negligence and recover maximum compensation. Please give us a call NOW at (773) 823-0298 to receive 100% FREE consultation into your legal claim. We look forward to hearing from you.