An Overview Of Industrial Accidents

The average workplace is fraught with dangers that may not seem apparent to the average employee. Workplace related injuries are collectively known as industrial injuries, and they can strike at any time with nobody being immune. These injuries can be catastrophic and can put you out of work or even lead to permanent disability. Because of this, you need an experienced industrial lawyer to help you get compensation so you can get your life back to where it was once again.

Industrial accidents aren’t really ‘accidents’ in the legal sense. More often than not, it’s someone’s negligence which led to someone else suffering an injury or even losing their lives.

There are number of ways in which negligence can be seen in these types of accidents:

  • Failure to provide workers with appropriate safety wear such as gloves and helmets
  • Not offering proper safety training to new and long-standing employees
  • Failure to inspect and service equipment in a timely manner
  • Failure to properly supervise employees
  • Hiring employees that aren’t qualified for the job leading to carelessness on the job
  • Leaving objects strewn on the paths of employees. This can lead to slip and fall scenarios.

Injuries suffered by employees can be serious and require immediate medical attention and surgery. A trip to the ER can set you back in more ways than one. First, the bill you’ll be slapped with will most likely be astronomical. In addition, you may be required to stay home as you recover, meaning you will miss out on your wages for the duration of this time if you don’t seek legal wages, and your employer may decide to demote or replace you.

Here are some of the common industrial accidents:

  • Falling off scaffolding in construction sites
  • Crane accidents
  • Chemical burns from plant explosions
  • Inhalation of poisonous gas
  • Electrocution
  • Fires
  • Falls from ladders
  • Cuts, decapitations or trauma from defective or faulty equipment

Employers are required to follow OSHA laws which lay out safety protocol for all workplaces. Should they not follow these, they may be liable for your injuries. It is also important to realize that it’s possible to have more than one liable party. The only way for you to determine who these are is to let an experienced industrial accident law firm such as ours handle your case so we can carry out extensive investigations.

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