Are Your Kids Safe? Anchor Your Furniture

When new parents think of childproofing, we often think about installing baby gates on staircases, plugging up electrical outlets, and securing those household chemicals under the sink.  But don’t forget about anchoring your furniture!  Televisions and heavy furniture tipping over kill as many as 350 children a year.

Televisions in particular are a major household danger for small children.  While flat-screen TVs become more popular, many families still have heavy older sets, often on bedroom dressers or other furniture.  A small child reaching for a toy, remote, or other object can easily tip a top-heavy piece of furniture, especially if it is not properly anchored.  Stoves and refrigerators can pose a danger, as can unsecured bookshelves.

Wall anchoring brackets are inexpensive and take only minutes to install.  Don’t let your child become a statistic. At McCready Law, we represent families who have lost children, and we stand with them in their grief and sorrow. If your family has experienced injury or loss, we welcome your call at (773) 779-9885 for a free consultation.