Another firm settlement for a satisfied client

Our client, A.V. came to McCready Law after searching for a personal injury firm with many favorable online reviews. She was frustrated with the insurance company for the person who rear ended her two weeks earlier. She did not call us for a settlement.  She just wanted her car fixed.  The insurance company was giving her the run around about fixing her car claiming, “non cooperation from our insured.” In addition to the damage to her car, our client sustained personal injuries which included back and neck strains.
Once she contacted us, we were immediately able to get her car repaired. Additionally, we were able to make sure she received proper medical attention for her injuries. In addition to her back and neck pain, our client lost three weeks of work. We were able to procure the proper documentation to make a recovery for her lost time from work.
Fortunately, our client’s injuries resolved after three months. Michael McCready was able to present a settlement demand package to the insurance company substantiating the amount we believed would fairly compensate our client. The insurance adjuster was familiar with the firm since we had many other clients injured by Allstate Insurance in the past.
Not only were we able to get compensation for our client’s medical bills and lost wages, the settlement included an amount to compensate her for how disrupting the accident had been to our client’s life. Although this was a typical case for McCready Law, we recognize, that for most clients, it is the first time they have gone through being involved in an accident. After finishing the case, our client returned the favor by leaving a positive review for the firm.