Applying for an OWCP Occupational Disease Claim? Start Here

An occupational disease can be defined as some form of trauma visited upon the body or mind of a federal worker for more than one work day leading to prolonged illness or disability. This can be due to things such as repetitive strain injuries, exposure to toxic fumes, prolonged unusual and unreasonable stress leading to the development of a mood disorder, and so on. Occupational diseases may be grounds for filing for OWCP federal workers’ compensation as it may no longer be possible for an individual to continue working in the same capacity, within the same pay grade, and work location as a federal worker.

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Qualifying for OWCP Occupational Illness Benefits

Under FECA legislation, all injured federal workers are entitled to compensation as long as they have the supporting medical evidence to prove injury leading to occupational illness, and the injury happened while on the job. In addition, exposure to noxious fumes or a stressful and traumatic event that happened over the course of the day will not be accepted as an occupational disease, but may be accepted as a traumatic injury.

Occupational Illness Claims for Injured Federal Workers

Claims that involve an occupational illness for injured federal workers are not a walk in the park. OWCP or OPM will require copious medical evidence, the timely filling of forms, the meeting of all deadlines, as well as a factual employment statement.

Factual Employment Statement – OWCP Occupational Illness Claims

A factual employment statement is a document written out by your employee which goes into detail over what your work responsibilities are, your daily duties, the equipment, environment and compounds you work with on a daily basis, and so on. This will be received for consideration by a claims examiner so it is important that it is very descriptive and detailed in order to be approved for federal workers’ compensation for an occupational illness.

Form CA-2 for Occupational Illness Claims

Claims for occupational illness start by informing your supervisor of the same and then filling form CA-2 to start the process. You will need to coordinate and communicate closely with your supervisor, worker’s compensation attorney and OSHA specialist at all times.

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