Arbitrating an Injury Claim – Is It Right For You?

Taking a case to trial can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. To this end, your attorney may ask that you enter into arbitration with the other party in order to resolve your injury claim. A lot of people don’t know this, but most injury lawsuits never see the inside of a courtroom, because they get resolved pre-trial in processes such as arbitration. Before we begin, it is important to point out that arbitration and mediation are two different things, and one can last longer than the other, and include multiple parties. It is important that you find, with the help of your experienced injury attorney, the fastest, most effective and most convenient way of settling your injury lawsuit so you can get back to living life and being a productive member of the society.

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Why Should I Arbitrate My Injury Claim?

Arbitration presents a legal way that is convenient for both parties with regard to conflict or dispute resolution. Arbitration is particularly effective when it comes to moving forward settlement negotiations. It is important to note here that arbitration uses an individual that is neutral in order to move a case along.

What is The Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation

One vital distinction between arbitration and mediation is that arbitration allows both parties to state their case, and then the appointed arbitrator makes the final judgment. In mediation, the mediator will work with both parties to come to some form of common ground with regard to a settlement, failure of which one can still move forward and file a lawsuit.

How To Present Yourself During Arbitration

While arbitrations are less formal when compared to court hearings, it is important that you present yourself in as best a manner as possible. You must dress well, be polite and follow the arbitrator’s instructions. What’s great about arbitration is that it doesn’t drag out like a mediation – it allows for a resolution to be reached in just a couple of hours.

Experienced Arbitration Injury Lawyers – Call Us Today!

When it comes to arbitration, the idea is to resolve the issue fast and effectively. If you’re worried about your injury claim dragging on and on, please reach out to us at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for compensation and how we can help arbitrate your legal claim. Thanks for choosing McCready Law, serving a nationwide clientele.