Are Ankle Injuries After a Car Accident Compensable?

Your lower leg and ankle take on the majority of your weight, making them a pivotal area of your body, contributing to balance, stability and strength. Ankle injuries after a car accident in Illinois are common due to the bend in one’s knees and ankle in a car. A crushed ankle can have far-reaching health consequences, and may need months of rehabilitation in order for an individual to regain full function of their lower leg.

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An injured ankle means that you may be unable to place any kind of weight on the affected leg. You may need surgery and a long period away from work, most likely in a stationary position for extended hours during any given day in order to fully recover.

Foot and ankle injuries after an Illinois car accident can cause the following:

  • Heel bone or ankle bone fractures
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Joint damage to this area
  • Ligament damage to this area
  • Bruising

Diagnosing Ankle Injury

Ankle injuries are typically diagnosed by a physician asking you to try to walk on said ankle in order to confirm. Then, you will have x-rays or the ankle to see where the fracture occurred, and an MRI may be needed if your doctor suspects that there was damage done to blood vessels or nerves.

Ankle Injury Treatment

When it comes to treatment, an orthopedic surgeon may need to use screws as well as plates to hold the broken bone in place if they x-ray shows that a complete break occurred. You may also need extensive physical therapy so you can learn to walk on this ankle, as well as pain medication if needed.

Settlement Amounts for Ankle Injury

When it comes to settlement amount for an ankle injury after a car accident, the extent of the injury will play a huge role in what you are eligible for. In addition, the various damages may add up, including things like lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, property damage and legal fees. The ankle injury lawsuit will hinge on the strength of evidence as indicated in your medical report, the weight of negligence attributed to the at-fault driver, your fault in the occurrence of the crash, if any, the steps you took soon after the crash, as well as the extent of your suffering and how the injury impinges on your day-to-day life.

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