Are Surveillance Cameras Allowed in Nursing Homes?

Eventually, most of us will grow old to the point of not being able to take care of ourselves. Our country is home to a number of nursing homes which provide professional and expert care to senior citizens who may be incapacitated due to disease or old age. That being said, not all nursing homes are run in the same manner, and a few unsavory characters are attracted to this industry because of the lack of accountability with regard to how they handle residents.

Video Surveillance in Nursing Homes – Is It Legal?

Many of us hear about the terrible stories of nursing home abuse through the media, and we feel helpless and scared for our loved ones who may be residents in one of the many nursing homes across the country. A sizeable number of families, however, are taking matters into their own hands and choosing to install surveillance cameras in nursing homes in order to monitor any suspicious or abusive behavior their loved ones may be exposed to.

It is important to note that many states extensive and well-developed privacy laws which effectively make it difficult, if not impossible to video inside a nursing home. In some states across the country, you will need to inform one party that you intend to do this, foot the cost of installation and maintenance of surveillance equipment, and let anyone coming into that space know via a legible notice that the area is being monitored by way of video surveillance.

Nursing Home Abuse Signs

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused, don’t rush to install cameras. Speak to the management to learn more about their policies regarding video surveillance, and look out for tell-tale signs pointing to abuse such as wounds and scratches that never seem to heal, soiled clothing, change in behavior such as a cheery person suddenly withdrawing, and verbal complaints from your loved one or other residents.

All in all, you should consider seeking the services of a competent and experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. Need more information and legal help? Please call us today on (773) 673-9861 for your free and confidential consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.