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Nobody sets out on the road thinking that they will be involved in an accident. There are no guarantees in life, and you cannot control the behavior of a negligent driver. Car accidents in Chicago and other cities and counties in Illinois, however, can be prevented to a certain extent by educating yourself on some of the hot spots that are associated with a higher risk for accidents.

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At Intersections

Chicago car accidents happen at intersections due to the different directions different vehicles are moving. Due to the commotion (traffic lights notwithstanding), an inattentive driver may misjudge the distance or speed with which another vehicle is moving and smash into them. As a pedestrian, be especially careful and look both ways while giving vehicles sufficient time to clear the intersection before crossing the road.

Changing Lanes

Illinois accidents are also commonly seen when cars attempt to switch lanes. Some drivers overestimate their ability to successfully make a lane change, or they may be driving while distracted, making them switch lanes too slowly, causing the cars behind them to smash into them, leading to a multicar pileup accident. It is therefore important to check your blind spot and mirrors before switching lanes, and use your signals at all times while doing so.

Areas Known for Wild Animals

Accidents involving wild animals are common during fall on account of the few daylight hours and limited visibility. In addition, deer mate in the fall, meaning lots of animals will attempt to cross the roads and highways in an attempt to get to the rest of the herd or to look for a mating partner. Use your high beams while driving at night, and take extra caution and drive defensively in woodland areas so you don’t hit an animal and end up causing a secondary accident in a highway full of cars.

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