Attention Federal Workers – Here’s How To Hire an OPM Disability Attorney

FERS disability compensation is a program that provides a set amount of compensation for injured federal workers who may have suffered severe injuries to warrant them to not be able to go back to work, or those who may have suffered an occupational illness so severe that working in the same position under the same pay grade is virtually impossible. It is tempting to want to figure out OPM disability compensation on your own and believe that you don’t need an OPM disability attorney for this. The truth, however, is the complete opposite.

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A FERS Disability Attorney Saves You Time

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why you need to hire a FERS disability benefits attorney is the time factor. The reality is that OPM works on tight deadlines, and has such a large backlog of claims that the best way to efficiently lighten their work load is to deny any late or incomplete applications. While this may seem cruel, it is just but one of their little-known tools to help them not only save the government money at your expense, but also run a tight ship. Working with an experienced FERS disability lawyer will help you meet all the deadlines all the way to the approval of your claim.

A FERS Disability Attorneys Saves You The Stress and Aggravation

Applying for FERS disability compensation is not for the faint of heart: picture this; you’ve been injured or have a debilitating occupational illness such as major depressive disorder or seizures, and have to make sure that you locate a good doctor who understands the requirements of an injured federal worker, collect witness testimony, take photos or ask to have CCTV camera evidence procured and a dozen other things in order to collate evidence that can hold water when examined by OPM officials. Not many have the kind of mental stamina to do all this work, and it can be physically draining as well as deplete your savings in no time. By working with an experienced FERS disability compensation attorney, you’ll be able to sit back and let the injured federal workers’ compensation attorney do all the heavy lifting on your behalf, from start to finish.

A FERS Disability Attorney Gets You Maximum Compensation

In many instances, having an attorney represent you when it comes for FERS disability compensation makes sense given the knowledge of the law that they have. By using this knowledge, they’ll be able to recover maximum compensation on your behalf by making sure all your injuries, present and future, are covered, and that you get sufficient compensation to cater for all your medical injuries. An attorney will also get you in contact with the best medical professionals as well as provide you with resources should you require home-based care and so on. In short, a FERS disability attorney may prove to be indispensable in ways that are supplemental to your final compensation.

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