Attention USPS Workers – Continuation of Pay Secrets

Continuation of Pay is a provision within federal workers’ compensation that entitles you to a percentage of your pay as an injured federal worker for a certain amount of time. As an injured USPS worker or any other federal employee, it is important to make sure to report your injuries within 30 days in order to qualify for these benefits.

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Continuation of Pay by definition is a continuation of regular pay for up to 45 calendar days to injured federal workers to cater for their medical care or disability due to a traumatic injury resulting from work factors.

In order to qualify for continuation of pay:

  • You must have supporting medical documentation highlighting the injury
  • You must have reported your injury within 30 days of it happening
  • Your medicals should reach OWCP within 10 DAYS

Denied Continuation of Pay? Here’s What To Do

In some cases, you may be refused Continuation of Pay. This is usually due to reasons like the fact that the injury never happened while you were carrying out work related duties. This is why it’s so important to work with a federal workers’ compensation lawyer as we’ll help you put together a solid case replete with witness testimonies, objective medical reports, accident reports and time sheets to argue your case for you.

Calculating Continuation of Pay

When it comes to calculating Continuation of Pay, the amount you will receive is what your weekly pay rate was before your injury or occupational illness, minus overtime pay. It is paid from the Date of Injury or DOI, and if there were any promotions, step increases or lowered pay grades, Continuation of Pay will reflect this. Lastly, please note that weekends and holidays count to COP and that calendar days are included, not just work days; however, you will need to provide medical documentation to show that you were disabled or unable to carry out work duties on those days.

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Continuation of Pay is not a guarantee, and you, through your federal workers’ compensation attorney must prove that you are still injured or disabled, have submitted medical evidence in a timely manner, file a report of the injury with your supervisor and cannot perform light duty. To ensure that you’re compensated, we advise you to work with our best Continuation of Pay attorneys. Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 to receive your free legal consultation with our OWCP lawyers. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.