Attorney Referrals and Partnerships – McCready Law

At McCready Law, we are pleased to be the co-counsel for a number of law firms in our state as well as across the country. Attorneys in our field admire our vast experience and expertise which spans over 90 years as well as the attractive referral fees that are laid out in a transparent manner the minute we enter into a co-counsel or attorney referral agreement. We are aggressive litigators and have recovered over $30 million in settlements for our clients, as well as taken over 70 cases to trial over the years and counting. In fact, a large majority of our cases come from attorney referrals thanks to the sound relationships we’ve forged with other injury law firms over the years, and our reputation for success and excellence.

Are you looking to develop a co-counsel relationship or lawyer referral opportunity with McCready Law? We are a top Illinois injury firm that is highly awarded and passionate about representing injured individuals. We are prompt, efficient and always professional, and we understand that no law firm or attorney is an island. We value collaboration, and to this end, we’d like to invite you to give us a call at (855) 959-2465 so we can set up a referral or co-counsel relationship.

Lawyer Referral Program – What Many Firms Do

Many attorneys that refer cases outside of their scope to other injury law firms are frequently met with poor communication and abysmal results. In addition, correspondences go unanswered, and clients are always complaining regarding the fact that they are left in the dark. This state of events goes on until they receive a referral check, which is a far cry from the amount agreed upon.

Attorney Referral and Co-counsel – Why We Are Different

McCready Law is different: not only are we transparent, drafting agreements and making sure all parties view them and sign them off, but we always keep the referring attorney up to date on the case, as well as regularly reach out to the client to get their feedback and inform them about any changes. In fact, we are so diligent about each case that we make sure that the client authorizes referral agreements before we commence, thereby getting rid of any misunderstanding about referral fee sharing upon the successful resolution of the case.

Lawyer Referral and Co-counsel Opportunities – Call Us Today

We are committed to staying the course and going the distance with every case, no matter how difficult things get. We litigate aggressively, and we are not afraid to go to trial. We maintain a level of trust that is rare with both your firm and your client, and we work tirelessly to obtain a favorable and fair result for all parties involved. We currently accept referrals for personal injury, mass tort (dangerous drugs) and federal workers’ compensation claims. To discuss our co-counsel opportunities, the lawyer referral program, case review process, communication method and so much more, please call us at (855) 959-2465 to speak with an attorney.