Attorney Referrals – Experienced Injury Lawyers, Outstanding Results

Limited torts can take up a lot of time and resources that your personal injury law firm may not currently have. In addition, you may be attracting clients from across state lines that you may not be able to fully help due to certain legal restrictions or the inability to have in-person meetings with these would-be clients. McCready Law is an experienced, distinguished personal injury law firm with a dedicated team of attorneys that handles all manner of personal injury claims.

Are you looking to build a referral relationship with a nationally recognized law firm, or need referrals from various specialties in personal injury law such as federal workers’ compensation, mass torts or medical malpractice? Please reach out to us NOW at (773) 825-3605 to speak with our referring attorneys. We share legal fees equitably after consulting with clients, so everyone is satisfied upon the completion of the legal claim. We have achieved multiple multimillion dollar verdicts for our clients, and have the resources needed to try all manner of claims. Call (773) 825-3605 and let’s set up a fruitful working legal relationship.

Can’t Handle All Cases? We’re Here to Help

By referring clients to us, you get to expand your law firm profile as well as profits. Sometimes, you may have a case that seems like a doozy because of a number of factors beyond your control. Or, you could be getting lots of clients that you can’t handle as what they seek is outside your specialty. Instead of turning them away, accept all cases and send them our way, and get a percentage of the legal fees upon resolution of the case. We abide by Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5 (e) regarding fees splitting, and honor every legal commitment.

Attorney Referrals – With You at Every Stage

From the moment you reach out to us, we’ll help you manage and set client expectations, provide a second opinion regarding the legal claim, and we are freely available to speak with you and your would-be client regarding case damages as well as liability. We can also take on cases that are about to go to trial, provided ample notice is given in advance. We have experience handling insurance companies, so bringing us into mediation can help increase the potential payout just by being present during these discussions.

Lucrative Attorney Referrals – Call Us Today!

By developing a co-counsel relationship with us, you only gain and never lose as you retain your resources for other cases while we take on your catastrophic injury claims and try them to successful resolution, increasing your revenues with little effort. Ready to get started? Please call us TODAY at (773) 825-3605 to speak with us about establishing a legal referral relationship. We look forward to hearing from you.