Avoid These Common Injuries This Winter

Winter is in full effect in most northern states, and people are having to adjust their lifestyles to cope with the drop in temperatures. Even when winter limits a person’s movements, injuries and accidents still happen on the road and at home, and it’s important to stay vigilant.

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Slips and Falls on Ice

Given icy and snowy conditions sheet ice forms on our driveways, roads and pedestrian walkways. This makes it that much easier to slip and fall, causing severe injuries and requiring hospitalization. Some of the precautions you can take to avoid slips and falls this winter include wearing shoes that have sufficient traction, as well as slowing down and walking in a purposeful manner. Remember, premises liability law may make it possible for you to seek legal compensation for your injuries if we can determine that a duty of care was breached had you been walking on someone else’s property and then slipped and fell on ice.

Whiplash from Car Accidents

Winter sees an increase in car accidents due to the fact that our roads are covered in black ice which deceptively looks like puddles of water one can drive over. In addition, people have to grapple with low visibility and the sun setting very early every day, making car accidents a reality. Whiplash happens when your head is jerked back then forward in a violent manner when another vehicle rear ends you. This causes added strain on your neck ligaments and muscles, leading to symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, severe neck pain and if left without treatment, can turn into chronic back and neck pain that can last months or even years. If someone else rear-ended you, causing your whiplash, you may be able to collect compensation in the form of a whiplash injury lawsuit.

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