Best And Worst Driving States Revealed

Driving in the state of Indiana can be a challenging task. From the aggressive drivers to the unpredictable winter weather, we as road users always have our guards up while on the road, and for good reason. Large states usually have cities and towns strewn across long distances, and the only way to get to one place to another is via car. As a result, it is more common to have accidents happening in the state of Texas, for example, than Hawaii.

Louisiana and Texas at The Top

The worst state with regard to accidents and poor driving is Louisiana. This is usually due to a couple of reasons, with one of them being failure to obey traffic rules. This could be due to a pervasive, laid-back culture which spills onto one’s driving habits. The problem with this kind of culture is that it ends up killing and injuring people in accidents that are actually avoidable.

Texas comes in second place with regard to poor driving due to a dearth of drunk driving occurrences which is common in the driving population. This isn’t something that should be tolerated, and state officials are trying their best to sensitize people on the dangers of drinking and driving by the use of regular PSA’s in the media. In addition, Texas has very tough laws on drunk driving, and driver license suspension happens with frightening regularity. Recently, when Texas residents were asked why the state ranked in the top three for drunk driving, they shirked responsibility by saying that people were moving from other states and coming to Texas with their bad driving habits.

Rhode Island Shines

One of the states which experiences the smallest amount of drunk or poor driving incidents is Rhode Island. This could be due to proper education into the dangers of drunk or distracted driving, the small distances people have to travel, as well as heavy fines for flouting traffic rules.

It’s clear that we as a country have a long way to go to ensure our roads are safe for everyone. That being said, it’s important to realize that we’re sharing road real estate with millions of other people, and everyone must do their part as well as be considerate for a better driving experience for all.