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Fires can be devastating and scary, and no type of fire is as scary as the one that starts in your own premises. With the movement of individuals to cities, more and more people are choosing to live in apartments which may be stretched to capacity when it comes to resources such as fire prevention and safety tools that are available to the residents of any apartment block. An apartment fire can catch you unawares, and most people don’t know this, but it’s not the fire that kills you, but the smoke inhalation which can have the potential to cause respiratory failure, a heart attack or a cerebrovascular event long before the fire engulfs you. Fires are signs that someone wasn’t doing the right thing with regard to keeping you and your loved one safe, and this kind of negligence is compensable under personal injury law.

Were you or a loved one in a house or an apartment fire which you suspect was due to human negligence or someone not doing their job? The apartment fire compensation lawyers at McCready Law have over 90 YEARS of experience helping individuals such as yourself, and with thousands of cases under our belt, including trial wins, we are confident that we are the apartment fire law firm for you. Please contact us NOW at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. We take on cases on contingency fee basis, which simply means that we don’t charge you ANYTHING from the beginning as well as when we are working on your case, and only do so once we’ve successfully recover financial compensation on your behalf. Serving all fire and burn victims countrywide.

What Kills You in an Apartment Fire?

The heat that is generated when a burning building in engulfed by fire can reach upwards of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. This alone is enough to kill an individual by way of lung damages. Those that survive apartment fires will have to contend with the consequences of burns as well as smoke inhalation, as well as the scarring from the fire itself which can sometimes be permanent, even after many surgeries. In addition carbon monoxide is a real threat when it comes to brain injuries in an apartment fire due to its propensity to starve the brain of much-needed oxygen, which in turn leads to the death of brain cells, which may never recover.

It may be possible to sue your landlord if the following negligent actions occurred:

  1. Failure to stock the building with a sufficient amount of fire extinguishers
  2. Failure to perform regular fire safety drills
  3. Failure to replace old or worn out or leaky gas pipes in the building
  4. Failure to provide apartment residents with clearly marked fire exits
  5. Ignoring resident complaints about fire hazards
  6. Keeping minimal staff in order to save money
  7. Failure to comply with city codes on fire safety in buildings
  8. Failure to odorize natural gas in order to alert residents of a leak

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