Bicycle Injuries Attorney – Get Help Here

Cyclists are a common scene on our roads. Whether you’re looking to get fit or just enjoy going from place to place using a bicycle, you must’ve thought about your safety at one point. Our roads today feature drivers who drive aggressively and who aren’t considerate of other road users. As a result, it is important to place a high priority on your safety as a cyclist.

Here are some of the safety tips you must follow as a cyclist:

  • Always wear reflective clothing, regardless of whether it’s daytime or night. This is because many drivers may not be looking out for cyclists and may have a hard time identifying people on much smaller vehicles.
  • Always wear a helmet, even if you’re going down to the road to the local 7-Eleven. This is because a helmet will help you avoid serious head injuries by 85 percent. At the same time, look for one that’s a snug fit which will less likely come off your head should you be involved in an accident.
  • Never cycle against traffic because this presents an unpredictable surprise to all road users.
  • Do not trail vehicles, whether large or small. They may have blind spots which may make it impossible for them to see you. At the same time, they may brake suddenly or squeeze you into a corner when you least expect it.
  • Always obey all traffic rules such as red lights, lane markings and traffic signals. Always consciously remember that you’re not exempt, and stay in one lane during your travels, avoiding weaving in and out of traffic.

Legal Help for Bicycle Injuries

Because you’re in a much smaller transportation means with no visible barriers of protection, the injuries you may suffer due to a bicycle accident will be more severe than the average accident. Expect to suffer from broken ribs, spinal injuries, leg fractures, concussions, and abrasions. These injuries will require a lof of money to treat as well as ongoing physical therapy to put you back together again. If a vehicle driver, due to careless, negligent or distracted driving caused your accident, we see no reason why you should pay for your treatment costs. Please call us today on (773) 673-9861 and we’ll look into initiating a suit on your behalf so you can recover money damages. Thanks for choosing us.