Bricklayer Injuries – Am I Entitled to Compensation?

Construction work is fraught with numerous dangers, and anything can happen at any time. To this end, it is important that workers be adequately trained on the proper safety protocol in order to eliminate injuries. Bricklayers play a pivotal role in the construction of a building, as it is not possible to erect a building without their services. Illnesses and injuries affected masons and bricklayers more than most professions nationwide, and these individuals, though being part of a union, tend to be overlooked when it comes to compensation for their injuries which can effectively jeopardize their future and that of their family going forward.

Are you an injured bricklayer that got hurt on the job due to someone else’s negligence? If you got hurt due to no fault of your own, you may be able to collect substantial compensation. relying on your union to do the right thing may not be the wisest decision, as workers’ compensation overseen by the union doesn’t take into account things like degree of fault, non-economic damages and other legal concepts that would have helped in getting you maximum compensation. The Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys at McCready law have helped skilled workers in their hundreds get the compensation they truly deserve, and our over 90 YEARS of combined legal experience cannot be beat. Please call (773) 322-1855 NOW to receive your 100% FREE, no-commitment consultation into your legal options for compensation as an injured bricklayer in Illinois or anywhere else in the country.

Here are some of the most common types of injuries among bricklayers:

  1. Back injuries
  2. Spinal injuries
  3. Injuries to the musculoskeletal system
  4. Repetitive motion injuries
  5. Shoulder injuries due to lifting bricks above the shoulder

Injured Bricklayers – First, Seek Treatment

Many bricklayers simply aren’t able to take time off work in order to recuperate due to the low wages associated with this line of work. Missing work and that paycheck may spell doom for their entire families, so they trudge along. However, an ignored injury can turn into a chronic and sometimes permanent injury leading to disability if you don’t have it checked out and take time off work. In addition, seeing a doctor and receiving treatment is a prudent way of documenting your injuries as well as getting solid evidence that you truly were injured. All this evidence will work in your favor once you decide to file a bricklayer injury lawsuit.

Attorneys for Injured Bricklayers – Call Us Today!

It is important to understand that you have inalienable rights as a bricklayer to justice and compensation. In addition, workers’ compensation can take over and compensate you but it is vital to speak with a bricklayer attorney to determine the value of each injury as well as come up with a substantial figure given the severity of injuries faced by bricklayers. If your injuries were caused by a work-related accident brought on by a workers’ or supervisor’s negligence. Please contact the Bricklayer Injury Attorneys at McCready Law TODAY at (773) 322-1855 to learn more about your case. Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to helping you.