Business Cards

What does your business card say about you?

There used to be an American Express commercial which asked the question, “What does your card say about you?” Even in today’s electronic world, you still need a business card. In a meeting with a potential client or referral source, you are still likely to trade business cards. Business cards make a first impression and give people a way to contact you. What’s on your card? Certainly your name, address and phone number. These days, everyone has their fax and e-mail on their business cards. Maybe your card has some clip art, like the scales of justice. Let’s face it, most business cards look something like this:

Generic Business Card

Tell them what you do

When someone looks at your card, all they know about you is that you are an “Attorney at Law.” The card tells them nothing about what kind of lawyer you are. When they find your card a month later, they likely will have no memory of whether you do real estate closings, divorces or personal injury cases. Consider adding some description about what kind of law you practice. For example, each business card at McCready Law includes “Auto * Work * Personal Injuries.” This serves as a short description of what we do. If no one knows what kind of cases you accept, it is less likely they will think of you. Your card can serve as a constant reminder of what cases you handle, and don’t handle.

Add a little color

Like the example above, most lawyer business cards tend to be white. Like many things in the law, “that’s the way everyone else does it,” you should question conventional wisdom. In every other business, you’ll find liberal use of color on business cards. Even by adding one additional color, you will stand out from all the other lawyers with white business cards. Don’t have any ideas? Ask a printer for ideas or search google images for ideas. Here’s a simple search on google images for business cards. There’s not a single white card which comes up. You can still have a dignified and traditional card by adding a little color. Here’s an example of my business card.

Business card - Michael P. McCready

Don’t skimp on quality

Sure, you can buy 1000 cards at a discount price. You can even print your own. But cards are such a small investment, do not try to cut corners on price. First, make sure you get good quality paper. A thin or flimsy card reflects poorly on your image. By using a heavy card stock or increasing the thickness of your card, you will convey the right image as a successful lawyer, not an amateur. Make sure the graphics are clear, crisp and clean. Once again, a reputable printer will ensure this.

Pass out your business card everywhere

Business cards are cheap. Spread them around. We paperclip a card to every piece of correspondence we send to clients. We give stacks of cards to doctors who pass them out to their patients. We make sure our referring lawyers have an ample supply of our cards. Despite what some people think, we do not throw them out the window of every accident we see! People still keep their lawyer’s business card in the purse or wallet. Make use of this tried but true method of advertising.