Calculating A Schedule Award – A Short and Easy Guide

As an injured postal worker or any other worker in the federal government, it is important to make yourself aware of the conditions you need to meet in order to receive compensation, as well as the body parts that are compensable. FECA is very strict on these conditions, and many injured federal workers find themselves out of a job as well as have their claims thrown out because they did not meet criteria or failed to objectively show via a medical report how their work conditions led to their injury.

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OWCP Compensation Procedure

According to OWCP laws, you are eligible for compensation if your body part makes up part of the list that is compensable, and if your impairment was regional, permanent or partial. If you made it through the primary requirement, consult the chart and look at the number of weeks for which your body part is compensable. You’ll need to provide your claims examiners with a Permanent Partial Impairment Rating or PPI which should be done in accordance to the 6th Edition of the AMA. Once you receive this rating from an OWCP-conversant doctor (this is something we can help you with), a Medical Advisor assigned by the OWCP will review your file to verify its validity.

How To Calculate Schedule Award for Injured Postal Workers

Here’s how to calculate a schedule award according to OWCP:

Schedule Award = (OWCP Compensation Value) x (Totality of Weeks Allowed for Injured Part) x (Impairment Percentage)

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