Can I File a Lawsuit After Being Hit by a Garbage Truck?

It is rare to encounter a waste disposal vehicle on the road, and even rarer to get into an accident with one. Yet when it does occur, people might be confused as to what their next move should be. The good news is: you have the right to file a claim for damages if you were injured by a garbage truck. McCready Law could help you with that objective.

Garbage trucks typically travel slowly as they make their rounds to pick up trash. In many instances they do not adequately pull off onto the side of the road while making a stop. While their job is difficult, they are still held to the same standard as other vehicles and must obey the rules of the road. Garbage trucks also have a tendency to quickly accelerate and decelerate. As a result, an accident can be more likely to occur.

Where Do Garbage Truck Accidents Typically Occur?

Garbage truck accidents happen most frequently on residential streets as they start and stop to pick up garbage by the road. If the municipality has commercial property with alleyways, it is also possible for accidents to occur with garbage trucks picking up commercial waste.

While garbage trucks are much bigger than passenger vehicles and weigh significantly more, most collisions do not occur at particularly high speeds. Therefore, the low velocity reduces the likelihood of a major accident. Additionally, these trucks have other mechanisms that could injure people, such as the device that lifts trash cans to empty its contents.

Would I Have to File My Claim Against the Government?

Some municipalities have outside private contracts with garbage companies. Others handle their waste disposal as an agency within the municipality. There is a big distinction between a municipally-owned trash collection and one which is contracted out to a private company. Different rules apply for municipalities than for everyone else. It is best to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible after a garbage truck crash to make sure they identify which set of rules will govern their personal injury lawsuit.

It will be difficult for you to carry on a legal claim by yourself. Call our office to learn more about how we could help you after a garbage truck accident.