Can I Get Compensated for My Back Injury? Federal Workers’ Compensation

A back injury can be debilitating at any age. As a federal worker, perhaps a postal worker, you depend on your backbone and spine to help you lift and support heavy boxes as you lug them from your vehicle to hundreds of doorsteps a week. Even if you work in a position that is sedentary; a slip and fall event while heading to the restroom due to a puddle of water left carelessly by a contracted cleaning time can have you suffer some kind of back injury that may need a long period of convalescence.

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Federal Workers’ Compensation Back Injury MRI

When it comes to seeing a doctor for your back injuries as a federal worker, it is important that you follow a certain procedure during the MRI capture. You should ask that it be taken while you are standing up in order to show the full extent of the damage to your vertebra, discs, spine and nerves, if any. Lying down compresses everything, making it more likely to miss some of the damage. In addition, since you perform your duties standing up (this is true for those working as letter carriers), it is only natural for the MRI to show how these injuries will affect your mobility on a day-to-day basis.

Slipped Disc Injury and Federal Workers’ Compensation

Slipped discs are very common when it comes to injured federal workers’ compensation. These tend to be soft and spongy cartilage which act as shock absorbers while you walk. Slipped disc injuries usually involve them popping out of alignment which makes it possible for two vertebra to touch, creating friction and subsequent pain. This kind of injury qualifies you for a federal workers’ compensation schedule award as long as your doctor’s report can definitively show a causal relationship between your injury and the performance of work duties.

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